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Established in 2003

We have proven expertise in small business consultancy, enabling you to get where you want to be in a timely and cost effective manner.

Consultancy Services:
Remote Access Solutions
Inter-office Connectivity
Application Specialists
Infrastructure Assessment
& Upgrades
Virus Protection
Firewall Solutions
Networking Solutions
Secure Internet Connectivity





Advice made simple
Plustek Solutions offers consultancy at many levels; whether you are looking to upgrade your existing software, migrate to a new platform or looking to implement a new end to end system.
We also provide practical assessments of your current technology identify opportunities for improvement and help you to achieve more with technology.
Because our focus is on selling knowledge rather products, we can offer a fair opinion on matching your needs to a product. Our aim is to help you get on with running your business, and not spend time struggling with your IT.

To understand more about our solution for SME's 
Contact info@plustekuk.com for further information.

  Unsure whether your bespoke applications can run on Vista or Windows 7, don’t worry we are able to modify most applications to run on the newer Windows operating systems.


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