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Click here for a demonstration of Citrix XenApp Fundamentals 3, including views of how XenApp Fundamentals seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Essential Business Server


Built on a proven foundation

More than 215,000 organizations across the globe already depend on Citrix for secure, on-demand access to their online assets from the most convenient locations. So take a look at Citrix XenApp Fundamentals. And turn your toughest access challenges into your biggest business advantage. You’ll be in good company


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  Citrix XenApp Fundamentals is a simple, cost-effective remote access solution that enables small to mid-size businesses with up to 75 remote users to securely access corporate Windows® applications and files from anywhere at anytime.


With XenApp Fundamentals, users experience seamless and consistent application access, whether on the LAN, at a branch office, at home or on the road—with just an Internet connection. Applications are securely stored on a central server and delivered to users, ensuring the utmost security of sensitive business data and reducing management costs. Role-based user access further ensures data security with central control over user access to applications, as well as printing and storage rights.  

Small business server used for illustration only, XenApp Fundamentals can run on different Windows Server technologies

VPNs connect customers to Central Office LAN,

but …

  • Remote computers connect directly to the Central Office LAN at the network level, which is not secure
  • All applications must be installed and managed on remote computers
  • Many programs don't perform well over VPNs as data must traverse slow link
  • VPNs are an entry point for viruses, so they are often blocked at firewalls
  • VPNs leave the risk of data hijacking

Key benefits of using XenApp Fundamentals

  • Ensures a seamless and consistent user experience from anywhere on any device.
  • Secures sensitive business information with centralized application storage and role-based user access.
  • Reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary commutes to the office.
  • Improves employee job satisfaction with opportunity for more flexible work environments.
  • Increases employee productivity while working off-site or in the field.
  • Reduces required resources and costs for application installation and management.
  • Enhances the quality of services through real-time information flow, regardless of location.
  • Minimizes impact of server failures and improves application response.
  • Ensures business continuity during unexpected business closures.

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